The Best Club Night brings the Drum & Bass kings of the moment – Camo & Krooked – to Prague!

On Saturday 25th January the best club night in the world (according to the results of Drum&Bass Arena Awards 2019) – Hospitality – returns to Prague under the supervision of the world’s best label. The headliners will be the Drum & Bass kings of the moment, Camo & Krooked, alongside other stars of the Hospital Records roster – the Brazilian dark mage S.P.Y and the head honcho of the label himself, legendary Tony Colman aka London Elektricity.

Camo & Krooked have merged their powers in 2008 and 2 years later their fateful cooperation with Hospital Records have started with the legendary “Climax / Reincarnation” single. It was this very connection which brought the rising stars of the Austrian D&B scene to the current top of the world. 3 albums and countless releases later it’s safe to say that this combination has been setting the trend and evolution of the genre in the last decade.

Although many people saw Camo & Krooked as a mainstream Drum & Bass act in the beginning, they made it clear with their 2013 “Zeitgeist” album that their sound is unique and unlike anything else that has been present in the Drum & Bass scene back then. In the next few years, they’ve honed their sound an d vision to perfection and their example is being followed by many others, both inside and outside of the genre. They didn’t stop there though and keep churning out amazing music on a regular basis – last year saw them release tracks like “Atlas”, “Loa”, “Set It Off” or collabs with another Austrian virtuoso Mefjus – “Sidewinder” and “Kallisto”. The last piece mentioned has ended up 3rd in the Best Track category in Drum&Bass Arena Awards 2019. Camo & Krooked themselves has reached the same spot in the Best DJ category and ended up 5th in Best Producer category.

But London Elektricity and S.P.Y are not falling behind either – both of them has released their brand new and long awaited LPs after a few years and the string of singles and EPs, “Dubplate Style” and “Building Better Worlds”. S.P.Y has presented his to the local crowd at Let It Roll 2019 already, but for Tony Hospitality Prague 2020 is gonna be his first show here with the album under his sleeve. The whole event will be hosted by amazing MC Fava and supported by the top-shelf Czech DJs – N:Force, Snookey, Thiew and Suki.